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DHI Community! Merry Christmas! So much to be thankful for this season. We are thankful for you and for your prayers. We are thankful for how the Lord continues to bless the work in Kenya....the community outreach, 2 new pastors supporting Steve in Eburru, the clinic, the students and their families and the staff of Camp Brethren Ministries. We are thankful for Pastor Steve and Mary and for how the Lord uses them in mighty ways. We are thankful for our annual end of year giving campaign. This year we are blessed with a $50K match!!! Praise God! We need your help. Can you help us get the word out and like/share our facebook page as we post frequent updates through the end of the year? We are so grateful for you and your prayers. Check out a fresh professional video just completed with fantastic drone footage supporting our end of year fundraising campaign with focus on the high school construction.
Check out the compelling impact story attached about 2nd grader Millicent and her family. This is just one of so many. God is good! There is so much more to share....


Boys and girls 2nd Dorm wings full construction $184,959
Construction of 8 remaining classrooms $180,864
Teachers/staff quarters construction $102,821
Campus concrete block perimeter wall $57,000
Home science and electricity classroom $6,400
Furniture for the new dorms and classrooms $6,400
Dining Hall Finishes $8,800
Total $547,244

Help complete construction of the Highschool boys & girls dorms

Total estimated project cost: $184,959

Cost per Dormitory (8 rooms) = $ 23,120

Cost per student (40 per room) = $ 580


Let’s help build Dorms for our students

Help with completion of the 8 remaining Highschool classrooms

Total estimated project cost: $180,864

Cost per classroom (8 classrooms) = $ 22,610

Cost per student (40 students per class) = $ 570

Let’s help build Classes for our students

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