Prayer Calendar:

Please use the calendar below as a guideline for lifting David’s Hope and Camp Brethren Ministries up in prayer. It is only through the prayer support of God’s people to our Heavenly Father that this ministry exists and has continued to grow over the past decade. The prayer list will be updated as needs and praises arise.

But we will devote ourselves to prayer and the ministry of the Word. - Acts 6:4
Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. - Hebrews 11:1


1. Pray for wise and strategic decisions to be made by the Board members of David’s Hope, International.

2. Pray for strength and stamina for Pastor Steve and Mary Njenga in Eburru as they run Camp Brethren and its many ministries.

3. Pray for fruitful ministry in the many areas of CBM that missionary Rannveig Fredheim serves.

4. Pray for wisdom for missionary Lindsey Greenwald as she plans and develops a program for the students with disabilities ministry. Pray that funding will be raised for the necessary facilities and equipment.

5. Praise the Lord for Paradigm Foundation (Tim and Jen Winter) as they oversee and build homes for the ultra poor in Eburru. Pray that the church’s ongoing discipleship program with the families will be fruitful.

6. Pray for the Medical Clinic Staff that as they treat the body, the heart would also be reached for Jesus.

Camp Brethren Christian School & High School:

7. Praise the Lord for the faculty and staff that work daily to educate and train up the children in the ways of the Lord.

8. Pray for the hearts of the students, that they would accept and serve Christ, their Savior.

9. Praise God for the healthy bodies that are served daily through the nutritious feeding program.

10. Pray that funding would be raised to complete the many ongoing projects at the high school.

11. Pray for the spiritual growth of the students at the High School.

12. Pray for the High School faculty as they live with and serve the students on a daily basis 24/7.

13. Pray for productive learning for those students who will be taking National exams and pre-candidate testing this year.

Sponsorship and Fundraising:

14. Praise the Lord for the children that are sponsored by DHI supporters. Lives are changed when they give to educate, clothe and feed a child.

15. Pray that the Lord would raise up others to come along side the neediest of students to provide HOPE for a better tomorrow.

16. Praise the Lord for the many projects that have been completed this year, thanks to the many donors who support DHI.

17. Pray that funding would be raised to complete the High School Projects.

18. Pray for funding for the expansion of the Medical Centre facilities, that the NHIF would be secured and more patients will be seen.

19. Praise the Lord for the many mission teams that give much of their time, talents and treasures to serve in this remote region. Pray that the travel bans would soon be lifted so teams can return to serving


20. Praise the Lord for the quick funding for the Medical Centre expansion. Pray that the project will soon be completed and that NHIF certification will be received to enable many others to access the clinic.

21. Praise God for the miracle of new life and the many babies born at the clinic. Pray for young women to seek family planning counsel and that mothers y oung and old would seek care both before and after the birth of their baby.

22. Praise God for the care that the students at CBCS and HS receive. Praise God for the Medical teams that give of their time and talents to do annual physicals of all students along with vision and dental care. Pray that God will be glorified as healthy boys and girls run, play and study on the school grounds.

23. Pray for the mobile clinics that are held monthly in local villages. Praise him for the many children that are seen for vaccinations.

24. Praise God for the donors who support the clinic by providing funds for a well stocked pharmacy.

25. Praise God that no cases of Covid-19 have been reported in Eburru to date. Pray that the village takes the necessary precautions required to stay healthy.


26. Praise God for a wonderful harvest of pyrethrum that provides hope and a paycheck to the pyrethrum farmers.

27. Pray that those who are currently unemployed in and around Eburru will find  employment to be able to care for their families.

28. Pray that those who struggle with alcohol dependency will seek treatment. Pray that a leader would rise in the community who will motivate and encourage those who struggle with addiction.

29. Praise God for active and alive churches in the community. Pray for Pastor Steve as he instructs from the Word of God. Pray for receptive hearts to hear of the gift of salvation and believe. Pray that the church will continue to be a light in the community and that they will continue to serve as the hands and feet of Jesus.

30. Praise God for the many mission teams that give so much to the mission of Camp Brethren Ministries. Pray for safety as the teams travel internationally, as they travel in country, and as they pour out their hearts in service.

31. Praise God for the many volunteers who serve with David’s Hope. Pray that the Lord would raise up more who are willing to give of their time to help DHI continue to be a strong multi-faceted ministry in Eburru, serving alongside Camp Brethren Ministry in Eburru, Kenya.

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