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Learn about our partner in Kenya, Camp Brethren Ministries.

Camp Brethren Ministries

David’s Hope partners with a local Kenyan organization, Camp Brethren Ministries. Learn more about CBM and the amazing work in Eburru.


Program Updates

See what's happening in Kenya with the latest program updates.

Program Updates

Current programs include Medical, Education, Feeding, Orphanage, and Sustainability. See the latest updates from each of these ministries.


Child Sponsorship

Learn about the child sponsorship program and students currently in need.

Sponsor a Child

Your support of a student at the CBM School will allow them to receive a good education, clothing, two daily meals, and an annual medical check-up.


2019 By The Numbers

Students Enrolled
Meals Provided Daily
Yearly Medical Checkups per Child
Kids Sponsored
Campuses (Primary, High School)

Prior to the partnering with David’s Hope, Camp Brethren Ministries (CBM) had made strides in establishing a part-time medical clinic and church-based feeding program.  As Pastor Steve likes to say, God has used DHI to make their 30-year plan into a 10-year plan! Since 2009, the clinic has become full-time primary care facility with a maternity ward and lab with about 4,000 patient visits a year.  There is now a primary school serving over 400 students pre-K through 8th grade – providing them with two nutritious meals a day and a high-quality education.  The CBM school scores in the top 10 percent of schools across Kenya and is making its mark as our boarding school population continues to increase.  The boarding component is a key step towards CBM’s goal of self-sustainability – which will be repeated at the high school that is now under construction. While these medical and educational programs are enabling CBM to provide both immediate and lasting advancements in the community, spiritual welfare is at the heart of CBM and DHI’s mission and goals.  CBM churches are growing and additional discipleship and outreach programs are being added.  CBM hosts an annual pastor’s conference and is expanding its reach through evangelism and discipleship partnerships across the region.  We are humbled and excited to be part of the Lord’s work in Kenya!

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