How David’s Hope Began...

In January 2009, a short-term mission team from Northern Virginia served and fell in love with the people in the remote African village of Eburru, Kenya.

After observing the hopeless cycle of poverty and malnutrition first hand, the team returned home determined to do what they could to help. Less than a year later, David’s Hope International was born.

About David

the young man who represents the story of David’s Hope... (click to zoom in)

David’s Hope International is named for David, a boy we met on the steps of an abandoned farmhouse on a mountainside overlooking Kenya’s Great Rift Valley. He and his family are the inspiration for our cause. In 2009, David was a child, plucked out of a crowd of ever present, curious children following us on our visit. Our host, a local pastor, used David to physically illustrate the effects that chronic malnourishment and poverty are having on the local children. David was not cared for, did not bathe, likely had no regular place to sleep, and subsisted on just one meager meal a day. His story caught our hearts, just as, unbeknownst to us at the time, his sister’s story had influenced the pastor years earlier. David’s younger sister, Mary, lost her battle to hunger, prompting Pastor Steve and Mary to begin their ministry and feeding program in Eburru. We returned from our trip determined not to let the story of David & Mary repeat itself – to give children like David a lasting hope for a brighter future. Today in 2019, David is 26 and just completed his high school Education at Camp Brethren High School. He lived in the Camp Brethren High School dorms, where he was receiving food, clothing, and a first-rate education. He also attends the local church and was baptized in 2019. He is healthy and very happy, a talented goat herder, and always ready with a smile and a heart to serve.

What’s Happened

Since that time, we’ve continued to see God do amazing things in the community. Here are just a few:
  • The creation of the Camp Brethren Christian School serving over 400 students, preschool through 8th grade
  • Providing new access to electricity, clean water, and the internet
  • The creation of the CBM orphanage  (orphans live among the boarding students in the dormitories where they have a home and family)
  • The creation of a child sponsorship program
  • The (on-going) construction of a high school, now in its third year
  • The transformation of the CBM Medical Centre from part-time volunteer staff to several full-time, paid providers
  • The expansion of the clinic into multiple buildings and inpatient care
  • The creation of numerous support groups and ministries in the community, serving among others: single mothers; those effected by HIV/AIDs; and those struggling with alcohol addiction
  • The opening of a 2nd church
  • The creation of a pastor’s network and discipleship ministry
Thanks to our growing network of prayer and financial supporters, we have had the privilege of being a part of what God is doing in Eburru and the surrounding region. We invite you to join with us in rewarding work the Lord is doing!

About Pst. Steve

our local partner in Kenya
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Pastor Steve Njenga is a church planter and a missionary. He is the founder of Camp Brethren Ministries (the partner ministry of David’s Hope), where he serves with his wife Mary and many others to address the needs of those in and around Eburru, Kenya. Since 2004, The Njenga’s have been serving the people of Eburru and it’s neighboring communities. They have devoted their time, energy and resources to caring for the people of Eburru in the name of the Lord. Pastor Steve’s story is much like many of our own. While he was living life doing good things, he did not understand the full power of the gospel until seeing it lived out in the lives of Christians around him. After obeying a new calling on his life and graduating from seminary, Pastor Steve started a church in Eburru and cast an audacious vision so large that had no chance of fulfillment unless the hand of God was firmly behind it. Since then, the ministry has opened a school, medical clinic and maternity ward, a second church, a pastoral training program, a feeding initiative and an orphanage.

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