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Will you consider giving a gift of hope to those living in Eburru?

High School Building Campaign

Children with Disabilities Dorm & Rehab Facility

Medical Clinic Medication & Equipment

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High School Construction Campaign


Our capital raise for the Camp Brethren Christian School’s high school campus is well underway.  The 20-acre campus will house 480 students and include 16 classrooms, 2 labs, teachers/staff quarters, a multipurpose hall, and administrative building. God has provided over $300,000 (as of March 2018) toward our goal of $750,000.  In January, our first class of 26 ninth graders began attending classes on the partially finished campus.  These students have achieved high standards of success at the CBM primary school (which is in the top 1% of schools nationally).  We need your help to continue construction so our students can continue their education!

Campaign Goal: $750,000
Raised To Date: $300,000

Give Education

Sponsoring a child through David’s Hope changes that child’s life and provides them an opportunity to grow spiritually, thrive physically and achieve educationally.

Sponsor a Student


Since 2009, God has used David’s Hope International (DHI) to make an enormous difference in the lives of children and adults in the rural Kenyan village of Eburru. Here are a few of the ways DHI’s capacity to impact lives and bring hope to the community in Eburru has grown:

– Over 800 nutritional meals are provided daily to students.

– The children’s home cares for over 25 indigent children.

– The medical clinic is fully operational with 5 full-time staff.

– An additional church has been planted to service a distant area of town.

– Electricity and internet access is now available at the clinic and school campus.

– 400+ children now enrolled at the Camp Brethren Christian School.

– School dorm is home to over 130 students.

– The Camp Brethren Christian School is ranked in the top one percent of the country academically.

You can also donate by mail. Our address is:

1518 Night Shade Court

Vienna, Virginia 22182

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