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David’s Hope began when a mission team went to Eburru, saw a need, and asked the question – How Can We Fill This Need? Partnering together with a heavy reliance on God’s master plan, David’s Hope and Camp Brethren Ministries have built a community that reaches back and forth across the globe. Calling and assisting mission teams is at the heart of what David’s Hope is accomplishing. The past 3 years has seen an average of 8 teams each year going to Eburru to assist Camp Brethren in their outreach and ministry. All teams have different gifts and talents which lends to accomplishing a lot in many different areas of the ministry. From these missions’ teams, two participants answered an even greater call – to go to Eburru full-time to live and work among the community there. After multiple trips on different teams, 2019 saw both missionaries arrive on the scene.


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MAY 2023:

Dave Marrow and Team Visit Eburru

In May 2023, a transformative journey unfolded in Eburru as dedicated missionaries from David’s Hope International came together to visit Camp Brethren Ministries. Witnessing the incredible progress and impact, it was evident that God's providence and the collective efforts of people worldwide had played a significant role in shaping the success of this endeavor.

APRIL 2023:

Chick-fil-a Group

APRIL 2023


Chick-fil-a Group

October 2022

MARCH 2020 to DEC 2021 :


DHI did not send out any mission Teams between March of 2020 to Dec of 2021. This was due to the hit by Covid-19 pandemic in Kenya and around the world. Serious measures were taken to help keep everyone safe from contacting Covid-19.

However, in and around Eburru, and with serious measures the staff and teachers undertook in serving the community by distribution food supplies, helping the old with there chores, and giving hope to the community.


Build Team 2020


The first Paradigm Build team traveled to Eburru in February. Included in the 14 member team was the Gresham family with their two kids, Matt and Emma. This was not the first time parents have brought their kids along on a mission trip; a family team regularly goes each spring through David’s Hope. What an incredible opportunity for kids to experience another culture and to see missions firsthand. Matt and Emma were eager to share about their experience. They worked on two of the house projects, attended school with kids their age, and got to visit in several homes of the students and other villagers. They even went on safari before returning home. Here is what they had to say:

2020 Build Team

Matt enjoyed his time at school with Teacher Benson, learning grammar, science, social studies, agriculture and more. He made lots of new friends and he learned how to paint. He learned that people have JOY, even when they have little. Emma really enjoyed her new friend, Linet. It was fun to visit at her house and see her cows. She also loved painting at Martha’s house. Her takeaway lesson was to be grateful for the things she has, because not everyone has the things that we often take for granted. How fun to see a trip through the eyes of the next generation. “One generation shall commend your works to another and shall declare your mighty acts. ” Psalm 145:4 We hope to see Matt and Emma and other kids on future trips.


Camp Brethren Ministries & David’s Hope hosted seven trips of volunteers in Eburru ranging from full time missionaries, to building homes, providing for children with disabilities, building a library/meeting space for the Primary School, a nursing team that provided school physicals and vision testing, setting up athletic spaces, leadership training for the teachers, providing dental services, and supporting CBM’s annual pastors conference.

Medical and Dental Clinics Team

October 2019

MBC Arlington campus

August 2019

MBC Prince William Team


Nursing Students from Mississippi

MBC Tysons Family Team

MBC Arlington and Montgomery County Campus

Are you interested in joining one of our teams? Contact scott.sweat1@gmail.com to learn about upcoming trips and teams you may have special interest in joining.

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Medical and Dental Clinics Team:

October 2019 – A team of 14 spent 11 days in Eburru serving the local community. They conducted 6 full days of medical and dental clinics, serving 273 clinic patients and 525 dental patients. When they were not conducting clinics, they were able to participate in multiple church services and home visits. Through the many varied avenues of service 930 people heard the gospel and 17 indicated a first time decision to follow Jesus Christ. The team mantra was, “If you are not having fun, you are doing it wrong!” The team was truly blessed to be able to serve along side Camp Brethren Ministry.

MBC Arlington campus:

In August 2019, a team of 7, including 5 men, from MBC Arlington campus went to Eburru to conduct a Pastor’s Conference. Many obstacles stood in the way of this conference but the team persevered and the conference was a blessing to all who took part. It was a daily reminder that “The heart of man plans the way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” Proverbs 16:9 Many prayers were answered over the course of the time the team spent at Camp Brethren. The team attended a revival and was inspired to see the Lord worshiped through the eyes of another culture. Many opportunities were had to minister to the men of the community through volleyball and soccer games played, the gospel shared and teaching on what it means to be a man of God. Vacation Bible School was also d along with a retreat for the teachers.

MBC Prince William Team:

Steve and Roxana Hudson led the MBC Prince William team for their 9th year. This team focused on education, spending time in faculty support training, leading student chapels and partnering with Crossover Ministry in teaching the sport of basketball and training students in evangelism. Crossover uses the game of basketball as an evangelistic tool for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and it uses the actual lines on the basketball to show students how they can share with their friends how to cross over from death to life by the cross of Christ. John 5:24. The team did 5 sessions with classes 7-8 in the primary school and Forms 1 & 2 in the high school, approximately 180 students, who now know how to share the gospel with their friends. The students loved both the game skills and the evangelistic tools.

Nursing Students from Mississippi:

Nursing students from Mississippi visited Camp Brethren Ministries to perform students physicals and do vision testing.This team comes each year to perform physicals for the students and run free clinics.The free clinic met needs for people who could not afford to get medical care any other way. “This year the team was able to provide glasses for 19 students and build a relationship with the Kenya Lions Club who will be able to meet further vision needs in the future in this area, thus providing another layer in self-sustaining ministry. Each of our lives was changed as God provided for all of our needs and we felt the love of the Kenyans with whom we came in contact.” Sally Pearson, team leader

MBC Tysons Family Team:

MBC Tysons Family Team (10 adults/13kids) served the Lord at Camp Brethren by completing some projects designed to create resourceful, inviting and well-lit space for the students and faculty at CBCM. A beautiful reading and study space with multi-media capabilities was added, as well as seats for the school chapel and the team provided uniforms for the high school sports teams.

MBC Arlington and Montgomery County Campus:

A team of 7 from MBC Arlington and Montgomery County campus visited Camp Brethren Ministries with a focus on ministering to the children with disabilities and their teachers and families. A two day VBS was held along with visits to homes and some planned times of respite for the families. It was a time of encouragement for all as God blessed their time together.

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