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“Study to show yourself approved unto God, a worker that does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth.” - 2 Timothy 2:15
“I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are your works, and that my soul knows very well.” - Psalm 139:14

Camp Brethren Christian School (Preschool - Grade 8)

Camp Brethren Christian School began with 55 students. A decade later, the student body was 435 students with 130 paying boarders and 27 orphans in grade Preschool through grade 8. There were 13 students with disabilities enrolled.

The school’s motto is To Lead and to Serve.  The school consistently tests in the top 5% of schools in Kenya in the National Exam, giving students the opportunity to attend high school, which is turn helps prepare them for college and/or trade schools that open doors to opportunities for a better life. In 2019, all eighth graders passed the exam and were admitted into high schools

David’s Hope has been instrumental in raising funds for the Primary School, with room for 600 students, a dormitory with the capacity for  250 boarding students including CBM’s orphan population, an Administration Building, and plans for a facility to meet the needs of up to 50 students with disabilities and provide special dorm space and therapy rooms. The Manor House on campus has also been remodeled for the daily use of Pastor Steve and Mary and guests of Camp Brethren Ministries.

Last year, the MBCTysons Family Team built a beautiful multipurpose space for reading and studying with access to an overhead projector for movie nights. The team also finished a small chapel and outfitted it with benches, making it useful for staff devotions & chapel, meetings and smaller assemblies.

Camp Brethren High School (Grade 9 - 12)

The High School campus opened while still under construction in January 2018 with 26 students in Form 1 (Grade 9). These students have achieved high standards of success at the CBM primary school, testing in the top 5% of schools nationally. Each school year the next Form has been added, bringing the school to an enrollment of 120 in Forms 1-3. Projects have continued to be funded and the following were completed in 2019; four additional classrooms, 6 latrines, a completed floor in the multipurpose room, the Science Laboratory (90% completed), and desks, bunk beds, and tables furnished.

The students at Camp Brethren High School come from many backgrounds; some are from CBCS primary school, others are local to the village, attended public school and showed great potential on the exam scores but could not afford high school without sponsorship. Others come from various places in Kenya, looking for the kind of education that the reputation of CBCS has provided. All students are boarding students, making for a community that does life together, forming close friendships and bonds that will last a lifetime. Many of the opportunities available to them at other competitive high schools in Kenya are still just dreams at Camp Brethren, but with your generous donations will be a reality in the near future. Athletic fields are shaping up, a new basketball pitch was poured last summer, and students are performing well in scholastic competitions. To lead and to serve is the school motto, and recently the students planned a trip to a local orphanage to help with various tasks and spend time with the children who live there. Last summer the high school had the opportunity to learn how to share their faith over the game of basketball with training from Crossover Ministries. A valuable opportunity learning the techniques of evangelism and also learning the skill of the game of basketball which has been increasing in popularity and becoming competitive in Kenya. Pray for opportunities for the students to use these learned skills in their school and home life, spreading the love of Jesus throughout Kenya.

The Capital Campaign for the Camp Brethren Christian School’s high school campus continues.  When completed, the 20-acre campus will house 480 students and include 16 classrooms, 2 labs, teachers/staff quarters, a multipurpose hall, and administrative building. God has provided almost $500,000 (as of May 2020) toward our goal of $750,000. We need your help to continue construction so our students can continue their education! Funding is needed for the following:

  • Dorm finishes for both Boys and Girls
  • Teacher’s Quarters
  • Equipment & Chemicals for Science labs
  • 1M Liter Water Reservoir
  • Athletic fields, and equipment
  • A retaining wall to combat erosion
  • Additional electric and lighting

We are committed to showing Christ’s compassion and making His name known in Kenya.

Give the gift of hope! Sponsoring a child through David’s Hope changes that child’s life and provides them an opportunity to grow spiritually, thrive physically and achieve educationally.

The Camp Brethren High School has over 100 students enrolled. All students live in dormitories at the school, where they receive an highly rated education (in English and Swahili) including all books and supplies, hygiene supplies, school & sports uniforms, and shoes,** Room and Board including three nutritious meals every day, regular medical care and checkups along with the opportunity to experience God’s love and to hear His message of Hope through Jesus Christ.

**A one-time suggested gift of $100 provides students with uniforms, bedding and other costs associated with moving into the school dorm.

Your ongoing gift will help David’s Hope focus this work on each student in the Camp Brethren High School. It also allows us to prioritize funds from other sources to one-time capital projects and strategic investments towards self-sustainability.

Please sponsor a High School student today! Your tax-deductible gift of $50/month will help a child overcome poverty and provide hope for a better life. To sponsor a High School student, visit or e-mail us at

Students with Disabilities (Preschool - Grade 12)

CBCS has 22 students with a disability that requires some additional support. The disabilities range from physical limitations to Autism Spectrum disorders. The school is upgrading their current facilities to meet the challenges of those in wheelchairs or stability walkers, including a brand new handicap accessible bathroom, ramps and wider walkways. The school day also looks a little bit different for these students. The children attend morning classes with their age peer group, and in the afternoon, Lindsey Greenwald and other teachers spend time with the children working on life skills, doing physical and occupational therapy and other tasks that help to improve their learning experience. Almost unheard of in foreign countries, the shift in attitudes towards disabilities in the village of Eburru is noticable, bringing dignity and freedom to many children who otherwise would be set aside. It is truly a joy to see the other students rallying around their classmates to offer assistance, whether pushing a wheelchair or carrying supplies, or any thing else that might help.

In the works at the Primary Campus is a facility to accommodate the students with disabilities. $40K of $120,000 has already been raised and ground has been cleared. The facility will have dorm rooms with special accommodations for wheelchairs and walkers, bathrooms that are handicap accessible, and rooms with tools and materials needed for physical and occupational therapy. DHI and CBM have always believed that each child is uniquely made by God and deserves dignity and the opportunity to participate as they are able in all of life. Most importantly is the opportunity to learn about and worship the Savior who loves them and is King over their lives.

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