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Give the gift of hope! Sponsoring a child through David’s Hope changes that child’s life and provides them an opportunity to grow spiritually, thrive physically and achieve educationally. Your monthly donation of $50 to David’s Hope* provides a child with:

-A highly-rated education
-Two nutritious meals a day (three for boarding students)
-Regular medical care and check-ups
-The opportunity to experience God’s love and hear His message of hope through Jesus Christ
The Camp Brethren Christian School has over 400 students enrolled. The school provides a Christian education for students in preschool through eighth grade. Many students live at home and walk long distances to the school for an education (in English and Swahili) and two nutritious meals every day, which they may not receive at home. In addition, we make sure the children are healthy and receiving medical care as needed. At the High School, all students are boarders, with enrollment in Form 1, 2, and 3 numbering over 100 students. We are committed to showing Christ’s compassion and making His name know in Kenya. Your ongoing gift will help David’s Hope focus this work on each child in the Camp Brethren Christian School. It also allows us to prioritize funds from other sources to one-time capital projects and strategic investments towards self-sustainability. *An initial one time fee of $100 will help to cover uniforms, shoes,  dorm and school supplies and other necessities needed for school. Please sponsor a child today! Your tax-deductible gift of $50/month will help a child overcome poverty and provide hope for a better life. To sponsor a child, visit or e-mail

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