This coming Tuesday, May 5 is a day of generosity and giving. A global initiative, #GIVINGTUESDAYNOW is “an emergency response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19.” It is an opportunity for all people around the globe to use their power of generosity to remain connected and heal. David’s Hope invites you to share in this opportunity to bless the people of Eburru, Kenya. The need at this time is for food staples, basics such as flour for chapati (bread), maize flour for ugali (a porridge eaten at most meals), sugar, tea and oil. Other staples such as potatoes, cabbage and beans will also be supplied as needed along with¬† supplying safety masks for protection for each person.

For $25, you can feed a family of 6 for a week and supply each member of the family with 2 masks. Your gift of $100 will feed a family for one month and may be just what it takes to get the family through the shelter-in-place. We are so thankful that no cases of Covid-19 have been reported in Eburru and pray that this continues. Our God is mighty and we trust his power to protect our brothers and sisters in Kenya.

School was closed on March 18 and all of the children were sent back to their homes. While attempts have been made to get food to the neediest, the shelter in place did not permit home visits. Many came to the gates of the school seeking help, and just recently the village chief gave permission to CBM to visit homes with strict guidelines in place – including everyone wearing a mask, hand washing and staying 6 feet apart. Masks need to be available to anyone that is visited along with hand sanitizer and so the visits began;in the first 2 days, 16 families (96 people) were visited. Most importantly the Word of God was shared and encouragement given that we are not alone – Our great and mighty God is always with us. Matthew 28:20

  • Pray for the people of Eburru and for Camp Brethren Ministries as they faithfully serve to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Pastor Steve, Mary and Rannveig have been assessing needs and providing instruction for the people in ways to stay safe. Pray with us at David’s Hope for generous giving so many families can receive assistance.
  • Pray that the pandemic will soon be over so schools and churches can again be open.

For follow-up, stay in touch via Facebook or Instagram, or ask to be on our email list by using the Contact Us form here on the website.

Mostly, thank you for your generosity in time and funds.

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