A Home for Monica’s Family

As you may know, our partner Paradigm Foundation has been building homes in Eburru, Kenya since early 2019.  Two houses are now complete with families living in them, one house is nearing completion and ground was broken for the fourth home. Each family is chosen by the church leadership and goes through an admission process and must own their own piece of land. The church continues in discipleship with the family before, during, and after the building phase in the hopes that the family will seek the Lord with their hearts and lives and engage with the community of believers if they have not already. Praise God that this has been the case; that as these families see the hands and feet of Jesus in action through the generous workings of Paradigm and DHI, they become more receptive and open to spiritual growth, learning and action.

A report of the progress of Home #2 was sent to DHI in March. Here are some highlights from that report. We bless the Lord for all that He has done for this multigenerational family. Led by Monica, she lives with her two granddaughters, a daughter and a son. They are so thankful to everyone who has contributed towards them owning this beautiful home. Both girls are now sponsored students at Camp Brethren Christian School and are filled with joy and smiles. The older is excelling in her studies and is sharing the Word of God with her family.  Monica is testifying to waiting on God and what God can do for those who wait on Him. A Paradigm build team was on the ground in February and painted Monica’s house before she moved into it. The keys have now been handed over.

We are asked to pray for her two sons – Joel – who struggles greatly with alcohol and wants to stop drinking but has been unable, and Joseph – who does not yet know the Lord. He is one of the construction workers on the current Paradigm Home (#3) and has been participating in the Bible Study that takes place with the workers there. Pray also for Monica’s daughter who has started a small grocery business. Pray for sustainable success.


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