With Grateful Hearts – Daniel from Eburru

I am Daniel from Eburru. This is where l was born and brought up.

I joined Camp Brethren at a tender age of about eight years.

I really thank God and the entire CBM ministry for supporting me up to where l have reached, waiting to join form four next year, which is my last year in High School.

I feel thankful for the person l am today through the nurturing of CBM. I have not only grown physically but also increased in knowledge, wisdom and understanding.l have been able to attain academic excellence and also spiritual nourishment.Now l understand more about the Gospel of Christ and how he died to save us from our sins.Here in Camp Brethren High School ,we are deeply rooted in Christianity.This has helped us to grow emulating Christ.

My special thanks l direct to Madam Mary Njenga and Pastor Steve who have spearheaded the transformation project that has made Eburru ,a place that used to be remote, the limelight of the entire country.I can’t forget also the support that we have received from anyone that God has touched.May God increase you abundantly as you continue ensuring that CBM grows to greater heights.

Having been born and brought up at Eburru, l am a real witness of God in his workmanship to see the needy receive hope and smile.

As we draw closer to the end of the year, we thank God for the greater heights that he has brought us.
May God bless CBM.


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