Greetings From a Teacher

Mary Maathai is energetic, funny, loves to dance, not afraid to make fun of herself.

But most of all, she has an overwhelming love and passion for the people in Eburru

and for striving to help the students at CBM reach their full potential.

Not just academically, but also as upstanding citizens.

Being around Mary Maathai makes your day brighter and filled with laughter.

“My dreams of helping the vulnerable were realized when I started working with Camp Brethren Christian School.

I have been a teacher of English since the school’s inception.

When we used to sleep in the administration block.

When the school compound had no fence.

When the wild animals roaming freely in the compound at night was the norm.

I have a heart for the young boys and girls in our community.

I also had the opportunity to do community service for the elderly during the school closure last year.

Merry🌲🎄 Christmas and a happy New year.”


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