April 2012 Praise and Prayer Requests

Please join us in praying for the work in Eburru and in praising God for the mighty ways in which He answers our prayers! Praises & Prayer Requests: Pastor Steve’s safely arrived in the US! Pray for good health and productive meetings during his visit and for a safe trip back to Kenya on April 16th. [...]

2010 Year in Review – Feeding Services

The feeding program at Camp Brethren Ministries (CBM) is designed to provide each student with one well balanced meal every school day. As the 2010 school year draws to a close, there are currently 126 full time students attending the Camp Brethren Ministries (CBM) school in Eburru, Kenya. These kids receive a hot lunch everyday [...]

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Live From Kenya Part 5 – Solvable Problems

Friends of David's Hope, As I try to sum up what I've seen, smelled, tasted and touched in the past two weeks here in Eburru, words fall short of describing the desperation of the situation here. The livelihoods of all living in this town and surrounding area are perilous, and if conditions do not improve, [...]

BBC: World Hunger ‘Hits One Billion’

The BBC today reports that the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has determined 100 million MORE people throughout the world are starving, citing the global economic crisis as the reason for the surge. The UN said almost all of the world's undernourished live in developing countries, with the most, some 642 million people, living [...]

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Feasting in Kenya

One of the most striking things about our time in Kenya was the widespread need for basic sustenance -- a need we do not experience in America. The lack of food was real and visible. In Eburru, we played with children that were literally “shrunk.” They were years too small for their age. A seven [...]

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