What if we prayed?

Disease, starvation and despair ravage parts of Africa, but what if we prayed? Nine thousand feet above sea-level at one of the highest points along the Great Rift Valley, Almighty God is restoring the village of Eburru, Kenya. For hungry people, the victims of corruption, he is bringing life. In a few short years the [...]

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Pastor Steve Interview – Sustainability

When the founder of David's Hope ministry partner Camp Brethren Ministries recently visited the US, he spoke at McLean Bible Church in Vienna, VA about his vision for a sustainable ministry in Eburru, Kenya.  Here is a video of Pastor Steve Njenga talking about sustainability. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abvzHqPLTso

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April 2012 Praise and Prayer Requests

Please join us in praying for the work in Eburru and in praising God for the mighty ways in which He answers our prayers! Praises & Prayer Requests: Pastor Steve’s safely arrived in the US! Pray for good health and productive meetings during his visit and for a safe trip back to Kenya on April 16th. [...]

Katie & Kari in Eburru: Historical Day in Kenya

Since we first arrived in Kenya we kept hearing  talk from the radio, TV news, taxi drivers, and street advertisements about the referendum for a new constitution. We saw people wearing red (those for against the  new constitution) and many others wearing green (those for it). Supposedly, President Obama gave motivation to the politicians in Kenya that there needed to be a [...]

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Live From Kenya Part 5 – Solvable Problems

Friends of David's Hope, As I try to sum up what I've seen, smelled, tasted and touched in the past two weeks here in Eburru, words fall short of describing the desperation of the situation here. The livelihoods of all living in this town and surrounding area are perilous, and if conditions do not improve, [...]

Africa in World Politics: A Pan-African Perspective

Guy Martin has written the most thorough evaluation of official panAfrican cooperation to date. He provides a serious critique based upon the positions and expectations of independence-era leaders that had led to these plans and he offers a sensible proposal for future progress. Throughout, Martin calls for adherence to a federative principle of creating larger [...]

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Africa in World Politics: Reforming Political Order

In this fully revised edition top scholars in African politics address the effects that major currents in Africa and world politics have upon each other and explore the ramifications of this interconnection for contemporary theories of international and comparative politics. Read full article via Council on Foreign Relations.

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