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Every house is built by someone, but the one who built everything is God. - Hebrews 3:4

Homes Bring Hope:

In November of 2018, David’s Hope and Camp Brethren Ministries partnered with Paradigm Foundation for the building of homes for the ultra poor in Eburru. Four homes called Hope Homes (Habitat for Humanity style housing) had previously been built in the village. Paradigm Foundation, run by Tim and Jen Winter, had been building homes in the Dominican Republic, and were looking for another spot on the globe where their ministry could be used. They made a vision trip to Eburru in November and ground was broken for the first home soon after. In just over a year, three houses have been built. Families who own land but whose current home does not offer proper sanitation or has serious safety concerns are candidates for a Paradigm Home. These families make application to the local church where discipleship begins and continues throughout the entire process and beyond the move-in date. Ideally discipleship continues upwards to a year from the time of the dedication of the house. Three homes have been built and a fourth will soon follow. Built by local laborers, the build itself brings jobs into the village. Sustainable programs are investigated and families find ways to begin to rise out of poverty as their home is built. Water reservoirs, outdoor bathrooms, kitchens, and gardens are all part of the process. Some have turned to raising chickens, both for eggs and meat. But more importantly is the discipleship from the local church. Hearts are turned to God through Bible Studies and through the visible actions of the church and the global christian community. Children are sponsored to attend Camp Brethren Christian School where an excellent education becomes available as a means to rising above poverty. One of our first Paradigm Home owners said, “I have never seen God with my eyes, but I have now seen Him with my heart.”

Camp Brethren
Medical Centre:

Camp Brethren Medical Centre is the Health Department of Camp Brethren Ministries. It’s one of the arms that is reaching out in love of the Gospel to serve the village of Eburru. Due to the remote nature of Eburru, the clinic has become the destination for patients and pregnant mothers seeking services. CBM clinic consists of the outpatient wing which houses the doctor’s consultation room, laboratory, pharmacy, and the reception office. The maternity is the other wing of the Health Centre which houses the delivery room and the inpatient maternity beds. The Camp Brethren Medical Clinic has helped provide a range of medical services to the local community of Eburru and the neighboring villages. These services include:
  1. Curative outpatient services
  2. Prenatal care
  3. Family planning
  4. Growth monitoring and testing
  5. Immunization services
  6. Maternity services
Currently three full-time and 2 part-time staff are employed. The clinic has a stocked pharmacy and on-site lab, and maternity ward. In 2020, the clinic will be expanding and renovating as funds are raised. The Maternity Ward will be expanded to include additional beds, bathrooms, and an inpatient women’s ward. In addition, a foundation has been laid to add a Men’s Ward and a Dental office. An enlarged records room and an ultrasound room are also in the plans. These changes will allow the Medical Centre to meet the National Health Insurance Fund requirements brining many more patients to the clinic. The heart of Camp Brethren Medical Centre is to share Christ’s love and compassion through life saving services. The staff at the clinic have worked hard to see to it that this ministry is achieved. The clinic sees approximately 4000 patients per year and runs a mobile clinic in neighboring villages at least once a month.
The primary school in Camp Turkana where the mobile clinic sets up to offer medical assistance to the village. Within minutes of the bus arriving, the  yard is full of those waiting for help or children needing vaccinations. This may be the only doctor the village sees in a month or more.

The Local Church:

Camp Brethren Ministries also has a vital church and discipleship ministry; over 330 members attend two churches in the remote and sprawling village. The Jerusalem Church (AIC) is outgrowing its current sanctuary and is undergoing plans to expand. The church had a big blessing baptizing 43 people in December(’19). CBM in partnership with Word of Truth conducted a 1 year course for church leadership and pastors. Graduation was in December with 5 graduates; the hope is to continue this training. Local ministries include:

  • an accountability and support group for alcoholics
  • an annual pastor’s training conference
  • ministry to single mothers
  • ministry to orphans
  • benevolence (see the blog post, Response to Covid -19)

Growing Pyrethrum:

Pyrethrum is a cash crop used in agriculture that was once one of Kenya’s biggest exports. But corruption and a lack of steady income, made it virtually impossible for the poorer and more remote farmers to grow it. Things have changed and through an international Kenyan based company, Kentegra, farmers in the Eburru region are starting to grow pyrethrum again and are seeing monthly payments coming from the crop. This sustainable answer  has been a blessing to those who have been able to grow it and has infused cash back into the village of Eburru, helping to begin to stem the cycle of poverty. A recent visit to a church member who is growing pyrethrum, gave testimony to the blessing of this opportunity. She has been able to increase her acreage of pyrethrum and is so thankful to God for His great blessing to her family.

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