Missions team updates from Emma Overmyer

So far my visit with Pastor Steve, Mary, and their son Lucas has been incredible. One of the things I am learning on this trip is that there are many different ways to serve others.

I once heard a talk about how some of us are naturally “Marthas” and some are “Marys”. This is based on the story in Luke 10 where Jesus visits the home of the two women, Martha is doing all the preparations, cooking, and cleaning and is frustrated that Mary is just sitting and talking with Jesus. Jesus tells Martha that Mary is actually doing a good thing by spending time with him, their guest. I tend to be a Martha, I am always looking for things I can actively DO that will be helpful.

I generally associate service with getting your hands dirty and making some sort of visible improvement or progress. However, the staff at the kitchen probably appreciate my company and the laughs we’ve had more than all the carrots and potatoes I’ve tried to peel. I’m pretty slow at cutting vegetables anyway! I also had a very touching experience yesterday at the hospital in Kijabe when a young woman was rushed in for an emergency suspected ectopic pregnancy.

I’ve been fortunate enough to scrub in on some very exciting cases and even hold instruments and suction during surgery, and was thinking about scrubbing in for this one. I noticed she looked very anxious and I felt that what she really needed was someone to hold her hand and reassure her throughout the procedure, since they were doing local anesthesia and she would be awake. She spoke little English but I think for her to have another young woman in the room holding her hand and standing beside her was the best way that I could have supported her during that very frightening time.

This is not to say that hard work and being the hands and feet of Jesus are unimportant. Just that for those of us who tend to serve by doing should occasionally slow down and see if there’s anyone who might benefit better from being listened to or emotionally supported. Camp Brethren and Pastor Steve and Mary really seem to get this, and I am thankful to be learning this lesson (amongst many) from them.