One of the blessings between David’s Hope International and Camp Brethren Ministries is the sponsorship program. CBM identifies students with potential and sponsors are found by David’s Hope International to help pay for tuition, uniforms and meals during the school program. Designed to benefit body, soul and mind, many students have benefitted from this program with approximately 150 students in the program today. We are beginning to see the program come full circle as earlier graduates come back to the community to help others

Several years ago, a promising young man was a student in the Eburru community. Through the faithful work of Camp Brethren Ministries and David’s Hope International, a sponsor came forward to help James with his secondary school education and then college. In 2016, James Njehia graduated with 1st class honors with a Bachelor of Commerce Accounting.

With the support and guidance of Md. Mary Njenga and Pastor Steve, James joined the CBM staff as a High School teacher, teaching and mentoring other youths from the Eburru community. As a result of his employment, James is now able to feed and support his siblings (6 of them). He has also dug underground water storage, though temporary, in their home stead. James intends to construct a habitable house and a pit latrine for his parents. As a result, CBM directors have assisted him with the brick molding machine as well as labor force.

We, the CBM staff, join James in saying a big thank you to CBM Directors and their partners, David’s Hope, International, for their unfailing support to better our lives and that of our fellow Eburru residents. THANK YOU.

Compiled with help from; Simon Matheri Nganga; CBM staff member

Please visit our sponsorship pages, if you would like to sponsor a student and give hope to the community of Eburru.

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