Rannveig, below is my reflection on what I saw during my brief visit in Eburru.

I just wanted to express my gratitude to you, Scott and Susan Sweat as well as the team of volunteers and supporters of David’s Hope. I was born and lived in Africa for 25 years. I came to the US 24 years ago. Education, by the grace of God has given me the social mobility to serve in different organizations. Therefore, I am keenly aware of the importance of investing in education in order to prepare future leaders…

1- School/Education

During my brief visit in Eburru in December of last year, Scott was gracious enough to spend a couple of days with Alirio and I. I had the privilege of visiting the campus of the new high school being built. I was truly impressed by the quality of the building materials of this entire construction project This high school was indeed built to last for a long time. In part because David’s Hope wanted to build something that will outlive us and change the educational and social trajectory of the kids in Eburru Kenya. Academically, this school is now competing in the first ranks nationally. What an amazing testimony and legacy!

I met one young man by the name of Jeremiah, 20 years old. He is one of the students attending this school. He has a brother by the name of Daniel. Jeremiah was very proud of his high school. He was also participating on the construction project during his school break to earn some money. He also told me that he wanted to contribute his efforts toward this school, for the sake of his younger brother Daniel.

I know that David’s Hope is making tangible difference in preparing these young people to be productive contributors to their society.


2- Hope Homes:
One of the highlights on my time in Eburru was visiting some families in their homes after preaching at Jerusalem Church.
I met Ann, this precious young girl with physical disability. Although she has some physical challenges/limitations, her sweet fighting spirit and contagious smile blessed me deeply…She loves school and works hard to overcome the challenge of walking. When our Global Impact MBC’s team and I visited her at her house, Ann and her family warmly welcomed us in their “Hope Home.”
The Hope Home provided Ann and her family here in Eburru Kenya not only gave shelter but dignity for the glory of our Lord Jesus.


Cyrus Mad-Bondo
Executive Pastor of Global Impact
McLean Bible Church, Tysons Campus

“Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” Hebrews 13:8