Here are 3 reasons you should feel confident in giving to the David’s Hope high school construction campaign:

#1 – God’s hand is at work.  There is no other way to explain how our minimal dollars and effort could blossom into such a vibrant ministry.  Nothing is forced here.  In less than 10 years, where there once was nothing, there is now a school with over 400 students, a full-time medical clinic, two churches, a robust discipleship and pastor training ministry, and regular community outreach.  The gospel is being spread and the people of Eburru are having physical needs met.  Physical death for young children is now rare, and God’s rescue plan for avoiding spiritual death is in full-swing!  #GiveHopeHS

#2 – This effort is led by Kenyans for Kenyans with a built-in exist strategy for Western support. Pastor Steve and Mary are now both full-time at Camp Brethren ministries and continue to be the God-raised spiritual and administrative leaders that DHI is privileged to support.  We are confident all of this work is God-driven and Kenyan-led.  We are simply joining in God’s work – not making our own plans.  With 407 total students, the CBCS primary school is just a few years away from being self-sustainable (200 paying boarding students covering the costs of 400 local students).  And the high school will continue the same model.  #GiveHopeHS

#3 – DHI is an excellent steward of the funds.  Over 97 percent of what we raise goes directly to the ministry.  As an all volunteer organization, our costs are pretty much limited to wire transfer fees and printing our annual report.  Camp Brethren works with complete integrity, leveraging the funds we send to maximize their value and uplift hard working Kenyans.  We are proud of how far your money goes.  We do not waste it, and Steve and Mary stretch every dime. #GiveHopeHS