A Journey of Transformation: DHI TeamRecent Visit to Eburru and Camp Brethren Ministries



In May 2023, a transformative journey unfolded in Eburru as dedicated missionaries from David’s Hope International came together to visit Camp Brethren Ministries. Witnessing the incredible progress and impact, it was evident that God’s providence and the collective efforts of people worldwide had played a significant role in shaping the success of this endeavor.

Experiencing Tremendous Change:

From the moment of arrival, the undeniable transformation within Camp Brethren Ministries was a testament to God’s guiding hand. The community had flourished, with new constructions and expansions reflecting God’s abundant blessings. We witnessed the impact of the internet system that was installed some years back and It was evident that this was a transformative path that had empowered students, teachers, and the entire community with newfound knowledge and opportunities.

A Thanksgiving Event: Celebrating Progress and Gratitude:

A joyous occasion unfolded as the CBM community gathered for a grand thanksgiving event. It was a time to express deep gratitude for God’s provision and the collaboration of individuals who responded to His calling. Amidst the celebration, it became apparent that the success of Camp Brethren Ministries was a result of God’s grace working through His faithful servants, Pst. Steve and Mary.

A Vibrant Tapestry of Activities:

The thanksgiving event brought together the rich cultural heritage and the spirit of gratitude within the community. Students and teachers showcased their talents through captivating cultural dances, while spoken word recitations resonated with messages of hope, thanksgiving, and inspiration. It was evident that the diverse skills and contributions were divinely orchestrated for the benefit of the community.

A Feast of Joy: Sharing Happiness and New Tastes:

The highlight of the thanksgiving event was undoubtedly the joyous feast that symbolized abundance and blessings within the community. Plates were filled with an array of mouthwatering delicacies, including savory meats and fragrant rice. However, the ultimate surprise came in the form of a special treat for everyone: pizza and soda. The excitement and delight on the faces of those who had never experienced pizza before were truly heartwarming. It was a moment of shared joy and gratitude that touched the hearts of all present.

A Testament of Gratitude: Nourishing Hearts and Minds:

Amidst the laughter and enjoyment, a parent’s lighthearted remark perfectly captured the overwhelming gratitude felt by many. “I will never again miss a parents’ meeting if this is the kind of food we get to enjoy,” they exclaimed. The remark highlighted the deep appreciation for the tremendous impact of God’s work in CBM and Eburru in General. Efforts and resources from people around the world have uplifted the community, providing access to modern education for children facing poverty and special needs. The thanksgiving event served as a powerful testament to the transformative power of generosity and collaboration, nourishing not only the bodies but also the hearts and minds of all involved.

Visiting Beneficiaries of 4H Homes: Spreading Hope and Joy:

Before bidding farewell, a visit to the beneficiaries of the 4H Homes project reaffirmed the transformative power of compassion. Witnessing the overwhelming joy and gratitude within the community, it became evident that God’s love had touched the lives of those in need. The collaboration of individuals worldwide has been instrumental in providing shelter and restoring hope to the less fortunate and those without a place to call home.

A Blessing for All: Leaving a Lasting Legacy:

As the time came for the DHI Team to depart from Eburru, it was clear that the recent visit had been a blessing orchestrated by God. The collective efforts of individuals from across the globe, inspired by His guidance, had left a lasting legacy of hope, gratitude, and transformation. It was a reminder that, ultimately, the glory belonged to our heavenly Father, who had provided the resources and guidance to make Camp Brethren Ministries a beacon of light in the community.

Learn more about this occasion and see more pictures here

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