Athletic Field

Building an athletic field on a hilly cliff side in Eburru is no small undertaking.

But it is happening and it is an amazing sight. The track is not made of rubber and nature has built in water puddles for steeplechase.  But none of these things can stop the students from getting a workout done.  I watched them run laps one day, and like every highschool kid in the world, they moaned about the fact that they had to run.

The welder has put together the goal posts and they look great.  Much is left to be done and we appreciate your loving and generous hearts in helping us finish this project.

In Pastor Steve’s words:

“We thank God for His blessings for the high school soccer and athletic field.  We have been able to plant grass and fill up all the sides marshy ground with murrum (crushed stone).

Aug 21st 2021, was the school’s sports day and it was all joy dedicating it for use. Students and teachers were so happy. I was honored to flag off the activities of the day. They gave me an American flag in Kenya to flag off the ceremony as a gratitude to the DHI family that gave towards the field construction. Please celebrate with and thank God with us.

We would covet your prayers for furnishing the field with goal posts, nets and side sitting (bleachers) excavation.”


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