First Graders In Need of Sponsorship

We have uploaded pictures of 1st grade students who need sponsorship.  Please visit the sponsorship page to see children that are still looking to be sponsored.  A $30 a month donation provides tuition to Camp Brethren Christian School, uniforms, two meals per day and more.  Please consider sponsoring one of these children today.  

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May 2012 Praise and Prayer Requests

Praise for: New child sponsors! Continued progress with construction projects around the Camp Brethren Christian School. For being able to provide immediate care for 19 children in the orphanage and the financial support that makes it possible. Prayer for: Safety over Pastor Steve, Mary, sons Lucas and Kenneth, Headmaster Jonathan, Pastor in training Richard, teachers, [...]

April 2012 Praise and Prayer Requests

Please join us in praying for the work in Eburru and in praising God for the mighty ways in which He answers our prayers! Praises & Prayer Requests: Pastor Steve’s safely arrived in the US! Pray for good health and productive meetings during his visit and for a safe trip back to Kenya on April 16th. [...]

Blog Post: Boys to Men by Kevin Wiley

No, not the motown Philly R&B group from the 90's. This Boys to Men story is a little different. It has to do with circumcision. In rural areas of Kenya, male circumcision is often a right of passage into manhood and it is not uncommon for males between the ages of 14-18 to have the [...]

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Blog Post: Life Enabling Clinic – by Kevin Wiley

  The significance of electricity has already made a life changing impact on the services provided at Camp Brethren Medical Clinic. For several years leading up to 2011, the clinic has served the community of Eburru without power. During daylight hours the clinic was open to both children and adults to receive medical attention. However, [...]

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Blog Post: Going Mobile by Kevin Wiley

The village of Eburru is in the bush. In American terms that equates to “the sticks”, “the boonies” or “middle of nowhere”. All of which pretty adequately describes the remoteness of it. So, it is interesting that one of Camp Brethren Ministries' (CBM) ongoing service projects is making the clinic mobile and taking it to [...]

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