Camp Brethren Ministries & David’s Hope has had a busy 2017!  So far we hosted 9 trips of volunteers in Eburru this year – ranging from a group of nursing students and instructors serving in the medical clinic for a few weeks to team of young adults supporting CBM’s annual pastors conference.

Here are some brief highlights of each trip:

In January, a small team of adults served at the school, teaching some classes, providing a vacation Bible school to children in the community not attending the CBM school, and spending alot of time with kids on the soccer field.

A McLean Bible Church (MBC) Tyson’s campus team served in late January and early February with a focus on helping the CBM school become a welcoming place for children with special needs.  They also were able to finance the construction of a home for a family with a special needs child.

In March, a long-time DHI volunteer and repeat visitor to Eburru spent her spring break working with the school’s students in drama workshops and recording music.  Another DHI volunteer and nurse spent her spring break serving at the CBM medical clinic in April.

A team of four went over for a vision-setting trip in late April – early May, which paved the way for an exciting agriculture business opportunity in Eburru and the miracle of internet access on the school campus!

In May and June, a team of nursing students and instructors from Mississippi worked in the medical clinic as part of a summer elective class opportunity, which combined work at Kijabi Hospital and in Nairobi.

MBC’s Prince William campus sent a team in July led by Steve and Roxana Hudson (for the 5th year!).  They served at the school, led a teacher training seminar, organized vacation bible school activities at the school and helped to build a Hope house for a local Eburru family in need.

In August, MBC’s Arlington campus sent their fourth annual team to help Pastor Steve and Mary conduct their annual pastors conference.  The team was also able to assist with a women’s conference and vacation Bible school.

In early September, we were privileged to host some of the MBC leadership for a few days in Eburru to learn about the ministry and the great impact the church’s teams are having.

More trips are on the horizon! In January, another team will go do outreach through a soccer camp and vacation Bible school.  The MBC Montgomery County campus will sent a team focused on business training and evangelism in late spring 2018.  MBC Prince William will send an education-focused team in June.  A team of families will be in Eburru in July 2018, followed by a team from the MBC Arlington campus serving at the pastors conference.

Many of these teams are still organizing and recruiting team members. Will you pray about whether God might be calling you to join a team this summer, to love and serve the people of Eburru in His name? What gifts and talents has the Lord given you that He might want you to put to use helping others get to know Him better?

If you are interested in organizing a team from your church or community, or joining another DHI team, please contact Scott Sweat at [email protected].