One Shoe Two Shoes

As I look at the smiling faces of the kids at Christian Brethren school, I can't help but notice that most of them are wearing shoes that hold together by a thread; and sometimes not even that. I so desperately wanted to buy them all new shoes but I just don't have enough money [...]

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Giving hope to a family

I just returned from a visit to Eburru and I had a chance to visit the family I told you about last spring; Mary and Andrew. They have been in my thoughts and prayers this past year. I found out that Mary delivered her baby at home and the baby passed away 3 days [...]

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A reflection from Eburru

Rannveig, below is my reflection on what I saw during my brief visit in Eburru.I just wanted to express my gratitude to you, Scott and Susan Sweat as well as the team of volunteers and supporters of David's Hope. I was born and lived in Africa for 25 years. I came to the US 24 [...]

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Share our blessings

As I am getting ready to head out for a walk on this blustery November day, I pull on my favorite socks, always a reminder for me to thank God for my blessings. As I was walking, my thoughts kept going back to Eburru and my last visit there. Pastor Steve and I did several [...]

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Build Hope!

WHY GIVE TO DAVID'S HOPE? Here are 3 reasons you should feel confident in giving to the David’s Hope high school construction campaign: #1 - God’s hand is at work.  There is no other way to explain how our minimal dollars and effort could blossom into such a vibrant ministry.  Nothing is forced [...]

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July 2017 MBC/PW Kenya Mission Team Updates #2

Day 6: 2017 MBC/PW Kenya Mission Team Updates Hello all, The team is continuing to do well, everyone is healthy and enjoying our time here in Eburru. Monday morning we went to the school where we served the morning porridge to the students. For those of you who may not be familiar with the school's [...]

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July 2017 MBC/PW Kenya Mission Team Updates

Day 3: 2017 MBC/PW Kenya Mission Team updates Greetings to all of you from the team! Our Saturday was filled with the wonders of our Lord, from start to finish. We began the day sorting through and organizing the many bags of donations we brought, thanks to your overwhelming generosity. The laptops, bibles, medical supplies, [...]

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Easter in Kenya

The moment I stepped into the buzzing Nairobi evening and saw the familiar face of Paul Kamanga, my heart beat dropped and settled into Kenya mode.  Its been 2.5 years since my last trip to Kenya and I have missed the people and the country every day. With the luggage in the back and [...]

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October Team Update #2

Missions team updates from Emma Overmyer So far my visit with Pastor Steve, Mary, and their son Lucas has been incredible. One of the things I am learning on this trip is that there are many different ways to serve others. I once heard a talk about how some of us are naturally "Marthas" and [...]

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