Giving Wednesday, December 1, 2021
Our End of Year Campaign

End of Year 2021 Giving Goal – $425,476

Complete construction of the Highschool boys & girls dorms

  1. Help build a dorm $500
  2. Build a single dorm room $11,230
  3. Build the girl’s dorm $44,742
  4. Build the boy’s dorm $44,742

Total estimated project cost: $89,843

Let’s help build Dorms for our students

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Completion of the 8 remaining Highschool classrooms

  1. Help build a classroom $500
  2. Build a single classroom $10,842
  3. Build the girl’s classrooms $43,367
  4. Build the boy’s classrooms $ 43,367

Total estimated project cost: $86,733

Let’s help build Classes for our students

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Complete construction of Teachers/Staff Quarters

  1. Help build a Teachers Quarters $500
  2. Build a single Teachers Quarters $14,475
  3. Build the Teachers Quarters $57,900

Total estimated project cost: $57,900

Let’s help build Staff Quarters for our Teachers

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High Priority Project Dining hall finishes $8,800
Lister engine to pump water from steam wells $1,500
Soccer field final touches (side sitting area excavations $5,400
Furniture for the library, computer lab and teaching staff offices $2,300
Tree and flower planting $1,800
Priority Projects Construction of workshop Construction classes
Carpentry class (structure) $4,800
Electricity class(structure) $4,800
Home science class (structure) $4,800
Backup Generator $15,000
Accessibility project for walkways around campus $31,000
High School Security Perimeter Campus Concrete block Perimeter Wall $38,000
Total Cost $191,100


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We are so happy and excited to see the girls’ dorm restored after the fire.
The outpouring of prayers and donations from you all has been a blessing and we are humble and thankful.
The students were able to move back in when the new semester started in May.
The dorm is beautiful and the students are so happy to be back.
The refurbished dorm has also been made handicap accessible, so the disabled students can room with their peers. Read More >>


Giving Wednesday kicks off David’s Hope End of the Year 2021 Campaign. Our goal this year is $425,476.
We have seen God provide in a myriad of ways and we trust that He will continue to work through you to support David’s Hope and Camp Brethren Ministries needs in Eburru,Kenya. Thank You for your gifts and Prayers!

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📄 >> Get a copy of the 2021 projects campaign here <<