Meet David

David’s Hope International is named for David, a boy we met on the steps of an abandoned farmhouse on a mountainside overlooking Kenya’s Great Rift Valley.  He and his family are the inspiration for our cause. In 2009, David was a child, plucked out of a crowd of ever present, curious children following us on our visit.  Our host, a local pastor, used David to physically illustrate the effects that chronic malnourishment and poverty are having on the local children. David was not cared for, did not bathe, likely had no regular place to sleep, and subsisted on just one meager meal a day. His story caught our hearts, just as, unbeknownst to us at the time, his sister’s story had influenced the pastor years earlier. David’s younger sister, Mary, lost her battle to hunger, prompting Pastor Steve and Mary to begin their ministry and feeding program in Eburru. We returned from our trip determined not to let the story of David & Mary repeat itself – to give children like David a lasting hope for a brighter future. Today in 2019, David is 23 and in 10th grade. He lives in the Camp Brethren High School dorms, where he is receiving food, clothing, and a first-rate education.  He also attends the local church and was baptized in 2019.  He is healthy and happy, a talented goat herder, and always ready with a smile and a heart to serve.