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National exam

Today 38 eight graders sat for their first day of national exams. They have two more days of testing. Sunday Pastor Steve and the AIC congregation held a prayer service for the students. Please keep each of them in your thoughts and prayers as they work hard to show what they have learned these [...]

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Covid-19 vaccination in Eburru

The Kenyan government, in conjunction with the Ministry of Health, has been using CBM high school facility as a center for vaccination for Covid-19. The entire Camp Brethren Christian high school fraternity and its neighborhood have been vaccinated. We thank God. https://davidshope.org

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HS Science Lab

DHI and CBM are so thankful to all of you who have so generously donated towards the science lab at our CBM high school. The lab is now fully functioning and the students are busy.  ( And very happy.) The link shows our seniors during their lab exam. https://youtu.be/J4nb527Sq28

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AIC Jerusalem Church

Did Pastor Steve envision that the church he established in Eburru so many years ago, would have a youtube video with a performance by the church choir and sunday school kids? I doubt it. Amidst daily struggles and oftentimes despair, the people in Eburru choose to lift their voices together in uplifting song. Let [...]

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Greetings From a Teacher

Mary Maathai is energetic, funny, loves to dance, not afraid to make fun of herself. But most of all, she has an overwhelming love and passion for the people in Eburru and for striving to help the students at CBM reach their full potential. Not just academically, but also as upstanding citizens. Being around [...]

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“My name is Martin Ngugi, I am 16 years old and I am in form 2. (Grade 10) I was injured in January 2016 while helping my parents in the village. I lost half of my right arm. I became disabled. I lost hope in life and wished the sledge knife had cut my [...]

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Athletic Field Building an athletic field on a hilly cliff side in Eburru is no small undertaking. But it is happening and it is an amazing sight. The track is not made of rubber and nature has built in water puddles for steeplechase.  But none of these things can stop the students [...]

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Graduating 8th Graders School Year 2020

Camp Brethren’s 2020 graduating 8th grade students sat for their national exam in May of 2021. In spite of school closure most of 2020 due to Covid-19, these 34 students have worked hard and the results can testify to that. All but two students scored above 300/500 points; only 24% of students nationwide achieved [...]

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We are so happy and excited to see the girls’ dorm restored after the fire. The outpouring of prayers and donations from you all has been a blessing and we are humble and thankful. The students were able to move back in when the new semester started in May. The dorm is beautiful and [...]

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