What if we prayed?

Disease, starvation and despair ravage parts of Africa, but what if we prayed?

Nine thousand feet above sea-level at one of the highest points along the Great Rift Valley, Almighty God is restoring the village of Eburru, Kenya. For hungry people, the victims of corruption, he is bringing life. In a few short years the Lord has planted two new churches, started a school that now serves over 300 students, a medical clinic, maternity ward and orphanage. Just this January the Lord began a discipleship program with 9 people.

What if we prayed to the Creator of the universe, the giver and sustainer of life, the source of all things, the one who holds all things together? What if we prayed for God to take his great work from on high in Eburru and bring it rolling down the valley like streams of mercy? There are millions of people across Africa who have never heard the name of Jesus, but what if we prayed? There are millions of people across Africa victimized by civil war, but what if we prayed?

There’s a village where hope is growing. What if we prayed? What if we praised God for what he has done in Eburru. Jesus sent out 12 disciples to change the world. What if we prayed that those 9 disciples in Eburru were used by the Lord to change Africa! What if we prayed for Eburru?

Disease, starvation, despair, Africa, but what if we prayed and when people thought of Africa pictures of strength, life and hope filled their minds.

The month of March is pivotal for the country of Kenya as they are electing new leaders. Will you join us in praying with Kenya and specifically the village of Eburru, Kenya for the month of March? Give us your email address here to receive daily prayer updates during the month of March.

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