An Update From Louis

Brothers and Sisters,

It has been a truly amazing time here in Eburru, Kenya. God is really lavishing His love on us and the people of Eburru through the Gospel of His Son Jesus Christ. We have seen a lot of love being outpoured on us from the locals here with a lot of emphasis on God with our only hope being in Him.

We first arrived here on October 8th and that night, the Lord was really instrumental in His updating me on the culture spiritually. In other words, I woke up in the middle of the night with complete culture shock and it was only God that brought me through that tough night. He prepared me that night to go out and share the love of God with the people of Eburru – praise God, He truly lives!

Today was our first day where we had the opportunity to invest in the children at the school in Eburru. I will be giving most of my time to the school and tomorrow I have plans to help lead lessons with the children. There was a great amount of success in our endeavors today, however, taking pictures of the entire school and individual classes so that they will be displayed on the school bulletin board. Kenyas call white people “muzungus” – so now when we come to Eburru the muzungus will bring a camera for picture day!

Will be able to write more in a few days from now, but rest assured the gospel of Jesus Christ is being brought to the people of Eburru and working in the team’s heart developing us spiritually, too. A great deal of love has been shown to the people of Eburru and it is through God alone that we are providing these opportunities – what an amazing love as His for giving His life so that we may be forgiven of your sins and follow Him with all of our hearts, minds, and souls. I love you and miss you all very much! Praise God for He is great!

God Bless,


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